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We know bugs, and how to deal with them

Whether you can identify what kind of bug or spider problem you're experiencing or not, you'll be able to secure a detailed quote very quickly with A1 Alpha Pest Control. Our experience of pest exterminationin Auckland has ranged from chronic fleas to spider infestations. Cockroaches, rats & mice. We have seen, and dealt with, it all.

Trust Auckland's experts to use the skills, technology, and hands-on pest control experience to take care of your problem immediately.

We understand how fast you want something like this taken care of, so you'll find that once you book in with us, the problem is resolved efficiently and quickly. 
Clients discuss pest extermination in Auckland

On-site evaluation

If you're looking for pest control in Auckland, your first step should be to contact us on our hotline. One of our consultants will then visit your home or business for an initial evaluation. This evaluation is relatively quick, however our consultants are very thorough. We will give you a run down of the kind of pest problem you are experiencing, and how best to proceed from there. You can then relax, knowing we'll take care of your pest extermination for you.
Clients discuss pest extermination in Auckland

Emergency pest help

Suffering bites? Trying to run a business and fear for your health and safety status? Don't wait a second longer. The experts at A1 Alpha Pest Control will take care of your pest extermination requirements quickly & efficiently. Contact our Auckland-based team today to discuss the kind of pest problem you are experiencing. We will take care of all your pest control problems from rats and mice to cockroaches, fleas and wasps. We understand that this is often an urgent problem and will have a pest control consultant out to investigate as soon as possible.
Expert readies pest extermination in Auckland

Pest prevention

Prevention is better than cure and our Auckland-based pest control team uses the latest technology and developments to prevent further infestations. We have the most advanced methods and chemicals for both the extermination and prevention of unwanted pests and rodents. Proper pest prevention will save you thousands down the track so don't hesitate a moment longer.

Do the right thing for your home today.
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